Recognition of a Customer's Expectation of Privacy

Approval Reverse Mortgage (ARM), a trade name of Approval First Home Loans Inc. knows that your privacy is important. This notice is required by law because you are now or may become a customer of our company. This notice will advise you of the types of Nonpublic Personal Information we collect, how we use it, and what we do to protect your privacy. "Nonpublic Personal Information"; refers to personally identifiable information that is not available to the public."; Employees, Representatives, Agents and Selected Third Parties"; refers to individuals or entities who act on our behalf.

What information will ARM be collecting from me?

Our Employees, Representatives, Agents, and Selected Third Parties may collect Nonpublic Personal Information about you, including but not limited to information:

  • Given to us on loan applications and other forms;
  • About transactions with us, our lenders, or other third parties;
  • From others, such as credit reporting agencies, employers, and federal and state agencies.

gem07The types of Nonpublic Personal Information we collect depends on the lender's products which we offer to you and may include your: name; address; Social Security Number; account balances; income; expenses; assets; insurance premiums; home appraisal value; employment history; credit reports; marital status; and payment history.

Will ARM be sharing this information?

We do not share your Nonpublic Personal Information unless authorized by you or allowed by law. We will not share this information for marketing purposes with unaffiliated third parties.

We restrict access to Nonpublic Personal Information to those Employees, Representatives, Agents, or Selected Third Parties who provide products or services to you and who have been trained to handle Nonpublic Personal Information as described in this Notice.

We have policies and procedures that direct our Employees, Representatives, Agents, and selected Third Parties acting for us, on how to protect and use Nonpublic Personal Information.

We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in place that were designed to protect Nonpublic Personal Information.

We may disclose all types of Nonpublic Personal Information that we collect, including information regarding your transactions or experiences with us when needed to:

  • Investors, Lenders, Banks, and other financial entities whom we represent and Employees, Representatives, Agents, and Selected Third Parties as permitted by law.

The types of companies and persons to whom we may disclose Nonpublic Personal Information includes banks, investors, lenders, attorneys, credit reporting agencies, registered brokers, auditors, regulators, and federal agencies such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Our privacy policy applies, to the extent required by law, to our agents and representatives when acting on behalf of Approval First Home Loans Inc.

Our privacy policy applies to current and former customers.

Can I opt out of the sharing of information?  And if so, how?

Opt out means a choice a person can make in certain cases to prevent a financial institution from sharing information about that person with others.  Since we do not share your information with unaffiliated third parties for marketing purposes and only share it as permitted by law, you do not have a right to opt out if you are applying for a residential home loan.

The terms you agree to by using our website

Approval Reverse Mortgage (ARM) requires each visitor to our site(s) on the Internet (the "Site") adhere to the following rules and regulations. By accessing the Site you indicate that you acknowledge these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy described above.

ARM maintains the Site to provide you with information about our products and services and to help you communicate with us. From time to time, we may revise these terms and conditions.
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We do not offer all the products or services described at the Site in all geographic areas. You may not qualify for all the products or services described. ARM reserves the right to determine your eligibility for any product or service. WE MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE REGARDING SERVICES OR PRODUCTS PURCHASED OR OBTAINED BY YOU THROUGH THE SITE FROM A PERSON OR ENTITY OTHER THAN ARM AND ARM SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES REGARDING THOSE SERVICES OR PRODUCTS.

We will do our best to post accurate and up-to-date information at the Site, but we make no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy of the information at the Site. You agree to access and use the Site and its contents at your own risk. By using the Site, you acknowledge that we specifically disclaim any liability (whether based in contract, tort, strict, liability, or otherwise) for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or in any way connected with your access to or use of the Site (even if someone has advised us of the possibility of such damages), including liability associated with any viruses which may infect a user’s computer equipment.

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Updated: December 1, 2011

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