As homeowners 62 or older, you can use the equity you have built in your home to make your retired years richer. If you choose a Reverse Mortgage there are no restrictions on how you use the loan proceeds and the payments you receive are tax free* since you are drawing money from a loan. For your specific situation please contact a tax advisor. By the way, you can even purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage.



You can pay off your current home:

  • Free up monthly cash flow;
  • Help your children, your parents or yourself with medical expenses or;
  • Take those trips you always wanted or; gem09
  • Simply have access to a line of credit at any time.
  • Purchase a home using a Reverse Mortgage (certain restrictions apply)

A Reverse Mortgage isn't right for every Senior but every Senior can benefit from more information.

Let us educate you.

*Consult your tax advisor.

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